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Anti-Social Networks

What happens when regular people can quickly communicate and organise themselves en masse? Well it seems that if they are unhappy then governments can fall, revolutions can start and London burns. At the very least the public become much harder to control, and the freedoms afforded by an open Internet can sometimes turn ugly.
In early [...]

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The creative challenge of smart TV apps

At Amberlight we seem to be doing an increasing amount of work on smart TV these days. Some of the questions we are asked are relatively simple to understand – can people navigate through an EPG, can people interact successfully with a smart TV app, do people know how to browse content or use a [...]

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Apple’s iPhone: A Misnomer?

With mobile phones, historically I’ve always preferred form over function, a bit like an expensive watch that just tells the time and nothing more.  I want my mobile telephone to allow me to make telephone calls.  After all, that’s what the mobile telephone is for, right? 
My first phone was a Nokia 6110 back in 1998, [...]

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