UX Talent

We have an extensive pool of senior professionals you can draw upon to support your team on a short or long-term basis

  • Having led the industry for  over 15 years, we have access to world class talent

  • Our talent pool is rigourously vetted, we only work with experienced practitioners

  • We can work with you to anticipate your future needs and proactively look for perfect matches for your planned growth

  • We can deploy teams into your organisation in a matter of days


We help organisations grow sustainable internal capability by providing senior talent from our extensive pool. Examples of roles we can cover on a short-term or long-term basis include:

  • Head of UX

  • Head of Behavioural Insight

  • Head of Data Science

  • Head of Innovation

  • Head of Strategic Communications

  • Head of Policy

  • Service Designer

  • Content Designer

  • User Researcher

  • Behavioural Economist

  • Data Scientist

  • Decision Scientist

We can also help with…

Policy Design

Our unrivalled experience of behavioural research combined with advanced data science provides a powerful evidence-based approach to driving change.

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Organisational Design

Amberlight helps organisations structure for sustainable innovation and creativity
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User Experience Insight

In as little as one week we can provide you with user insights that will prevent costly design mistakes
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Whether you’re ready to start a project, just want a chat about an idea you have or simply want to find out more about us, you can:

give us a call on +44 207 307 7770